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Abundance Life Coach
Since discovering the Law of attraction 9 years ago, I have been on an ongoing journey to create the reality I’d love to live. If you’re ready and serious about life change, i invite you to get in touch with me and let’s talk about HOW your life CAN become the reality you desire!

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Law of Attraction Coaching

Personal Coaching that will help you use the law to attract the life you desire and deserve.

Coaching For Relationships

Attract more harmonious relationships and be able to be a better person in the process.

Abundance Life Coaching

Feel abundant as well as be more empowered to attract the life you want to manifest.


As a therapist myself I need help and guidance when im feeling stuck and unmotivated. Amanda has a very advanced ability to know what you need and how to get you there.  Very few people have the depth of knowledge that Amanda has and so she was the perfect coach to move me forward.
Anna Buchanan
Speaking with Amanda almost immediately had a profound and deep impact on first myself and then the quality of my life. Months later I’m still amazed at how quickly things changed for the better.
David Ellul Robinson>
Amanda really helped me turn my life around by helping me focus on myself before learning to give to others. I connected with my inner self and learned how to tackle life’s daily challenges and triggers. I am now more calm and at peace and every day I’m truly grateful for what life offers me. I am now confident to look to the future to reach my goals and dreams. Keep up the good work Amanda xx/h6>

Giselle Muscat
Just one clearing session already was beneficial as a start to a journey to a new me.. focusing on the upward spiral of life…inner strength and a state of love and gratitude..looking forward to continuing these 6 week sessions on law of attraction!
Petra Spiteri
Amanda helped me to gain a higher perspective on myself, and ultimately to live rather than survive.
Keith Abela

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