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Welcome To My Life

Amanda Savona

Hello, my name is Amanda. I am an Abundance Life Coach helping people live their full potential.

I achieve this by helping people to pin point the blocks they have in achieving what they desires. Through this process I help people create the lifestyles that are needed to start living the life they truly desire.
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Life Coach

My Attitude
Towards Life

Living My Potential
I’ve always been a positive person who believes everything is possible. Even before I discovered Law Of Attraction  I healed myself from tendonitis pain using the power of the mind and also manifested a job with Gordon Ramsay in London as a chef. Today I use the Law of Attraction

Helping You Live Your Best Potential

Abundance Life Coaching
Today i offer weekly one to one coaching to help people bring in the money they desire, doing what they love, finding a partner, having harmonious relationships and anything else they might desire. as long as you’re ready to dedicate the time and effort to make the Necessary changes, anything is possible!